• 13/12/2021

"The need for well-trained (bio-)statisticians and bioinformatics continues to rise worldwide"

Since 1993 VLIR-UOS has offered International Course Programmes (ICP) scholarships for students from developing countries at Hasselt University. The Flemish Interuniversity Council (VLIR-UOS) offers 10 scholarships each year for our ICP Master’s programme Master of Statistics and Data Science which is adapted to the specific needs and interests of statistics in developing countries.

The ICP Master of Statistics and Data Science offers a 2-year international and multidisciplinary training in statistics. The Master combines a solid study of fundamental methodology such as linear and generalized linear models, Bayesian modeling and multivariate models, with up-to-date training in topics such as clinical trials, public health, longitudinal data, survival analysis, genetics, survey methodology… In addition, there is a high focus on applications in state-of-the-art statistical software packages.

The ICP scholarship students follow a specific track within our Master of Statistics and Data Science with a focus on statistics in developing countries. This is achieved by three specific ICP courses organized and taught together with our partners in the South. In total there are three possible International Course Programmes (ICP) specializations (*) within our Master of Statistics and Data Science:

  • ICP – Biostatistics
  • ICP – (statistical) Bioinformatics
  • ICP – Quantitative Epidemiology (formerly known as "Epidemiology and Public Health Methodology").

(*) The specialization "Data Science" is not available in the International Course Programme.


Possibilities are offered and encouraged to perform the Master thesis at universities and/or non-university actors in the South (grants are available for this).


More information on scholarships can be found on the following webpages:


Interested? Do have a look at these ICP-student testimonials and this flyer !

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source: https://www.uhasselt.be/UH/masterofstatistics/your-programme-profile/VLIR-UOS-ICP-Master-of-Statistics.html